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March 8th, 2016, is International Women's Day!! It is a time when the accomplishments of all women can be celebrated. These accomplishments typically come with a great deal of resistance from male dominated culture. It is not that a woman has to prove herself in most cultures today. It is that she has to *keep* proving herself every day. It is exhausting and ridiculously unfair.

LeftOpen has started a Women's Wall, a collection of stories linked to a main page, that document women's struggles past and present, big and small...




ACLU's Know Your Rights -
Protests & Demonstrations

Small (29KB) PDF file describing your rights to public free speech and what to avoid. For more visit their site at

Protest Toolkit: For Single-Payer Health Care

1.1MB PDF file created by the Chicago Single-Payer Action Network.

10 Reasons To Oppose Water Privatization

120MB PDF file

Knoxville's Urban Agriculture Code

1.7MB PDF file

Helping The Mentally Ill In Prison - ReThink

440KB PDF file describing the help for the menatlly ill in America's prisons.

The Economics Of A Living Wage

52KB PDF file with good rebuttal of common arguments for keeping America's workforce in poverty.

Best & Worst States For Women

Rankings and methodology included in this small 190kB PDF file.


Knoxville Green Party Meetings:

The Green Party of Knox County regularly meets the second Monday of every month from 6:30 - 8:00PM at Barley's in the Old City. Public welcome!!

Democratic Socialists Meeting

The DSA meets the first Monday of every month from 5:30-7:00PM at the Bearden Branch Library's meeting room.

Platypus Group

The Platypus Group is a weekly reading/discussion group meeting on campus focused on the problems and possibilities historically inherited by the political Left. Every Thursday 7-9 pm at the Hodges library of the University of Tennessee Knoxville, room 235P on main floor. Website:

- Nashville Events -

Events From The Nashville Peace & Justice Center

(For more information on these and more events from the Nashville Peace & Justice Center click here.)

7 April Thurs 9am-4:15pm. Fair Housing Conference. Nashville Airport Marriott, 600 Marriott Drive, Nashville 37214. $82.50.

7 April Thurs 6-10pm. Green Tie Affair, annual fundraiser for TN Environmental Council, will be held in the Grand Barn at Green Door Gourmet Farms, 7011 River Road Pike, Nashville 37209. Tickets $75 and up.

7-9 April. LGBT College Conference. MTSU, Murfreesboro. More info.

21-22 April. Anti-Racist Rally near Atlanta, Georgia. The KKK is planning a rally at Stone Mountain Park, and some of us may be attending a counter-rally which is still being planned. Watch for additional details. (Atlanta is far away, but this might be in place of the rally we've had in Burns, TN for the last few years.)

23 April Sat 11am-6pm. Earth Day. Centennial Park.

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Field Coordinator for East TN
Jacqui Sadlo

Voting Precinct Coordinator for Davidson County (24-1)
Beth Dachowski

For the Memphis Area:
Field Coordinator - Ed Griffith

Brad Hedge - contact directly to have announcements posted

- Platform -

Isa & the Left Open crew are Green Party members that follow the Green Party's progressive platform which includes universal health care and education through the undergraduate college level. Of course, the "green" in the Green Party is a strong, progressive stance against pollution and other corporate malfeasance.

We strongly support grass roots democracy and oppose the current corporatocracy threatening world freedom today. Click here for more details.

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How You Can Get Involved

- Essays -

Click to view a list of essays and open letters written by local Greens and friends. You can submit you own essay by simply sending a text to:

- News -

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Death Gap: Richest Americans Now Live 10-15 Years Longer Than Poorest

Canada Will Move To Legalize Pot Next Year

Food Banks Brace For Long Lines As Thousands Lose Benefits

China, Russia & India Unite Against US Intervention In Asia Pacific

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San Francisco Becomes First Big US City Requiring Solar Panels On New Buildings

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Fidel Castro Makes Rare Appearance At Cuban Communist Congress

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50 Corporations Hide 1.4 Trillion Off-Shore, Avoid $100 Billion In Taxes

Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is Completely Subverted By Oligarchs

Finally, the U.S. Steps Closer to Racial Healing With a National Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Capitalism or Socialism? There’s an Even Better Option

Verizon Workers Announce Strike Deadline Of April 13th

Wage Gap Costs U.S. Women $500 Billion A Year

New LA Law: Homeless Can Only Own Trashcan’s Worth Of Belongings

Beyond Panama: What World Really Needs Is #DelawarePapers

Impacted Communities Testify On Us Water Crises At Human Rights Hearing

Blockading Gentrification In Chicago

The End of Big Money in Elections? 6 Reasons to Think So

Proud of Our Pidgin: The Newest Language in the U.S. Census

What We Can Learn About Education From Finland

Meet the Jeans-Wearing, Nature-Loving Nuns Who Helped Stop a Kentucky Pipeline

#MillionStudentMarch: Time To Build Political Revolution!

Anti-Common Core Fury Rages As Latest Exams Given Across NY

This Is Much Worse Than The Panama Papers

Wall Street Should Pay A Sales Tax, Too

Largest Pay Raise for American Workers in History? NY & CA Approve $15 Minimum Wage Hike

Congresswomen Launch First Ever Caucus on Black Women & Girls

Forget Nutraloaf—Prisoners Are Growing Their Own Food

How Supreme Court Made Economic Inequality Worse

Police Kill Navajo Woman Allegedly Armed With Scissors

More Funders Hide Their Campaign Donations

Who Is Corporate Philanthropy for? It’s Not Who You Think

Farmworkers Fight For Food And Job Justice

The US Economic Invasion Of Cuba

Norway’s Plan To Get Rid Of Cars; New Billion-Dollar Bike Highway

4 Million Muslims Killed In Western Wars: Should We Call It Genocide?

US Groups: Long, Proud History Supporting Cuban Revolution

Overseas Surveillance In An Interconnected World

US Not In Top Ten Most Happiest, Is It Our Government?

This is What Consumers Want: General Mills to Start Labeling GMOs

Che Guevara’s Son On Obama In Cuba

The Very Existence Of The NSA Is Illegal

Puerto Rico Students Shut Down University Over Austerity Cuts

End Of Coal: Largest US Coal Producer Moving Toward Bankruptcy

At 15 She Desegregated A High School, At 73 She Is Doing It Again

Isa Infante

About Isa

- Elder Wisdom -

Within the tribal structure you often had people who displayed the riches of their society. However they were never the chiefs, the peacemakers, the medicine people or the ceremony leaders. Those people were among the poorest because they lived as examples of the giveaway. The sharing of what you have with others who's needs are greater then yours. The tribe supported them knowing that most of what was given to them for their work would in turn be given back to the tribe.

Too bad that today's politicians, MD's, religious leaders and NGO leaders don't follow this example. Perhaps we need to choose our leaders based on how they live rather then what they say.

Perhaps more people need to show the way. I try to do so.

Bob (Big Tree) Smith