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How does a US prison resemble an old plantation? Slavery, torture, abuse, and owned by self-entitled private companies...




ACLU's Know Your Rights -
Protests & Demonstrations

Small (29KB) PDF file describing your rights to public free speech and what to avoid. For more visit their site at

Protest Toolkit: For Single-Payer Health Care

1.1MB PDF file created by the Chicago Single-Payer Action Network.

10 Reasons To Oppose Water Privatization

120MB PDF file

Knoxville's Urban Agriculture Code

1.7MB PDF file

Helping The Mentally Ill In Prison - ReThink

440KB PDF file describing the help for the menatlly ill in America's prisons.


Next Green Party Meeting

At Barley's, Knoxville's Old City, July 13th, 6:30PM. Open to the public.

The Basement Community Art Studio

An exciting new business has opened at 105 W Jackson Ave that offers all kinds of fun and creative ways for artists of all ages and skill levels to nurture their inner artist. The Basement Community Art Studio offers open studio hours so you can create uninterrupted using supplies on hand as well as classes, workshops, and camps. It's also a great place to host your next party or event for children or grownups.

Give them a call at 865.333.5262, drop by to see them, or visit for information on hours, classes and all they have to offer!

Morning Cafe @ Birdhouse

The Birdhouse Community Center, corner of 4th & Gill in Knoxville (big yellow house), has opened a donation-based morning cafe where you can get fresh baked goods, coffee, tea, cocoa. There is wi-fi, an interesting library to browse, and good conversation from the folks who are hosting. The hours are 10am-1pm, Monday through Friday.

- Nashville-

9 July Thurs 6pm. Mayoral Candidates Forum on Disability Issues. Bridges's Multipurpose Room, 935 Edgehill Avenue. Moderated by Wendy Tucker. Please RSVP no later than July 6 as light refreshments will be served. Individuals not in need of accessible parking may park at the church next door.

11 July Sat 10am to noon. FREEDOM SUMMER. Auditorium, first floor, downtown public library. Join us for a conversation with Dr. Bernard Lafayette and Dr. C.T. Vivian on how the ideas and practices from the summer of 1964 still echo today. Selected excerpts from the award winning film "Freedom Summer" by Stanley Nelson will also be a part of the conversation. The film is "a look back at the summer of 1964, when more than 700 student activists took segregated Mississippi by storm, registering voters, creating freedom schools and establishing the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party." More info.

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Field Coordinator for East TN
Jacqui Sadlo

Voting Precinct Coordinator for Davidson County (24-1)
Beth Dachowski

For the Memphis Area:
Field Coordinator - Ed Griffith

Brad Hedge - contact directly to have announcements posted

- Platform -

Isa & the Left Open crew are Green Party members that follow the Green Party's progressive platform which includes universal health care and education through the undergraduate college level. Of course, the "green" in the Green Party is a strong, progressive stance against pollution and other corporate malfeasance.

We strongly support grass roots democracy and oppose the current corporatocracy threatening world freedom today. Click here for more details.

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"“In this land of plenty (and excess), there is no justification for leaving any person without food, shelter, or medical care. The Command is to love one another; it's unconditional, no excuses, no exceptions. Those who miss ( or choose to ignore) that message will always be "at war" with someone about something.”