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Isa Infante

for Governor of Tennessee

common good


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Events From The Nashville Peace & Justice Center

(For more information on these and more events from the Nashville Peace & Justice Center click here.)

30-31 Jan Fri-Sat. Compass Tn 2015 conference for organizers. Additional details will appear in later eblasts, or contact taptenn@gmail.comm.

22 Feb Sun 10am to noon. March for Trans rights. Legislative Plaza.

22 Feb Sun 3-4:30pm. NOAH meeting: THE PEOPLE'S PLATFORM FOR PROGRESS. Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church, 1203 9th Ave N.

Peace and Freedom Party Chair Endorses Isa !!

...This is a personal endorsement for Isa’s candidacy for governor. I am the State Chair of the Peace and Freedom Party of California.


I hope to hear from you when you visit California. Best wishes on the campaign!

In solidarity,
Debra Reiger
State Chair, Peace and Freedom Party of California

New Endorsement From El Nuevo Dia

Isa received a supporting plug in this recent edition of El Nuevo Dia.

Major Endorsement Announced

The Clarksville-Montgomery County League of Voter Empowerment (L.O.V.E.) has ednorsed Isa Infante for Governor of Tennessee:

"We believe the following group of candidates hold true to our mission statement of 'having the best interest of their constituents in mind' and will best represent the people of our nation; state, city and county in the true democratic manner on which this country was built."

Isa Infante

Click here to hear a message from Isa!

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Elder Wisdom

It takes far more courage to take a stand for peace or justice then it does to fight in battles as a warrior. It takes more because you stand alone. Because you stand for those who can't stand or speak for them self. You stand for ideas that are far from what you hear everyday by your peers. You have to walk your talk instead of just mouthing something you don't really believe. You have to expect attacks on you from those you care about the most.

Bob (Big Tree) Smith

- NEWS -

Democracy in America? Only for Republicrats, Maybe

Supreme Court to Decide Marriage Rights for Gay Couples Nationwide

In Major Win for Women, President Obama Pushes for Paid Sick Leave

Catholic Cardinal Blames Radical Feminists for Pedophilia

Feminists Will Mobilize Nationwide for Abortion Rights on Roe v. Wade’s Anniversary

People's State Of The Union To Be Livestreamed

Robert Reich's Uplifting Summary Of 2014

Noam Chomsky on Charlie Hebdo: one man's terrorism is another's war on terror

Save the Honeybee, Sterilize the Earth

Pope Francis Calls for Action on Climate Change & Capitalism on a Planet "Exploited by Human Greed"

Malala, Obama, Socialism: Nobel Laureate's Views Are Complex

Southern Gay Not Leaving

New FMF Study Finds Nationwide Increase in Public Single-Sex K-12 Education Despite Evidence it Increases Sex Stereotyping and Sex Discrimination

McDonald’s Responsible for 86 Cases of Misconduct Against Workers

Incremental Gains for Women in Congress

President Obama Calls Only On Women During 2014's Last Press Conference

Cop Threatens Retaliation For Recent Protests. Cites "God Given Duty"

How The 1% Are Winning The American War On The Poor

Green Party: Prosecute Torturers Bush and Cheney

Women Legislators Lead Fight Against Controversial Spending Bill

Another Betrayl Of Progressive Values By Democrats

Activists Demonstrate Outside Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations

Scripps College Will Now Officially Admit Transgender Women

The Only CIA Agent Imprisoned For Torture Is The Man Who Exposed It

Nashville A Immigrant Friendly City?

Falling gas prices creating a taxing opportunity window?

Haslam For President! Vandy Poll

$400 million in cuts proposed for TennCare

Tennessee’s GOP Re-Elects Chairman Despite Tea Party Challenge

Can Southern Democrats Make A Comeback?

Global Green Party Wins Explode Worldwide Membership

Congress Could Soon Allow Pension Plans To Cut Benefits For Current Retirees

Chicago Raises Minimum Wage But Could Face Opposition From State

World Health Organization Calls For an End to “Virginity Tests”

A Police Officer Finally Indicted!?

Ongoing Ferguson Protests

United Nations Panel Slams U.S. Record on Police Brutality, Torture, Child Migrants & Guantánamo

Noam Chomsky at United Nations: It Would Be Nice if the United States Lived Up to International Law

Walmart Workers Will Strike on Black Friday

Conservatives Beaten Back - The City of Louisville Has Overwhelmingly Approved a CEDAW Resolution

SOA Protest At Fort Benning

How Immokalee Workers Won Fair Wages From Corporate Giants

Viggo Mortensen Helps Mark 10 Years of Howard Zinn’s "Voices of a People’s History"

TIME Apologizes for Including “Feminist” In Worst Words Poll

Walmart Holds Food Drive For Own Employees

Number Of Homeless Children In America Surges To All-Time High

As Sioux Tribe Calls Keystone XL an "Act of War", TransCanada Hires PR Firm to Probe Critics

Greens Organize Against Pipelines

Reject Keystone XL Pipeline, We Need Radical Change to Prevent Catastrophic Warming

Immigrant Rights Activists Vow to Continue Fighting Deportations as Obama Prepares Executive Order

Is Obama’s Immigration Plan Too Modest? Proposals Cover Less Than Half of Nation’s Undocumented

Terror at the Top of the World: Is Climate Change Leading to More Attacks by Polar Bears in Arctic?

Lower Education - How For-Profit Colleges Really Work. This Is What Haslam's Program Supports, Not Real Education

TIME Magazine Attempting To Ban "Feminism"

Epileptic Recieves Police Beating For Seizure

Tennessee's Backward Abortion Laws Get National Attention - And It Is Not Good

Climate Crisis, the Deindustrialization Imperative and the Jobs vs. Environment Dilemma

Elizabeth May - The Crisis In Democracy

Chris Irwin tells Knoxvillians What They Lost With MetroPulse

Sturgis Police Officer Gets Off Light For DUI

Marriage Equality May See The Supreme Court

A Blow To The Tea Party - Minimum Wage Elections Went For The Workers

TN OB/GYNs oppose Ammendment 1

Tennessee's Women Of Color Are United In Their Opposition Of Ammendment 1

Disparities Persist for Women of Color in States with the Smallest Wage Gaps

Why Teapublicans Want To Curb Voter Turnout

Hasn't This Catastrophic Idea Been Tried Before?

All Major Tennessee Newspapers Oppose Ammendment 1 !!

Top Alabama Teapublican Arrested On 23 Ethics Charges

Religious Leaders Unite in Tennessee and Colorado to Oppose Extreme Anti-Abortion Ballot Measures!

Green Party to Obama: Stop Villifying Immigrants, Grant Protected Legal Status

Bad Policy, Bad Medicine

San Antonio’s Esperanza Peace and Justice Center Campaigns Against Fracking and Militarization

Black Prophetic Fire: Cornel West on the Revolutionary Legacy of Leading African-American Voices

Non-Pregnant Teens Seek Fewer Abortions. Duh!

Florida. Cops Shoot Innocent Bystander. Blame Unarmed Suspect Whom They Also Shot.

Angela Davis On Criminal Justice

Where The Tea Party Has Taken (and I mean *taken*) The South.

Who Are The Criminials Here?

Join The Global Frackdown!

Women billed thousands for rape exam !!

Haslam increases Tennessee's Health Care Costs

Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement A Human Rights Nightmare

Economic Recovery!? Who? Where?

Women Missing Out On Economic "Recovery"

Continued Republican Attack Against Women. Is this the party of Lincoln & Reagan?

Florida's Hate Makes Off-Grid Living Illegal

New Initiative to Enhance Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

The War On Women In Indiana - Woman Imprisoned For Premature Birth

Green Party Of America Formally Endorses ERA

Darn Tootin' The ERA Is Alive & Well!

The Amazing Story of Kate Bradford Stockton

Green Party To Join NYC Climate Summit

Climate Convergence Summit In NYC

Check Out Isa On Her Bike!

Democrats, Independents and Greens in Solidarity: DIG for Isa !!

Check Out The Tennessee Immigrant Coalition - Yes, We Have One!

Not So Free Speech For Pro-Immigration Feminists. Another Obama Disappointment.

A Labor Day Sunflower

Happy Birthday 19th Ammendment! Women's Sufferage Prevails! The Tennessee Story.

The Greeen Party. Social Justice

The Green Party. Ecological Sustainability

The Green Party. What We Believe

Criminal Disfranchisement

See Isa In Action In The New Gallery

A Future Without Gun Violence

Missouri Police At War With Citizens

Immigrants Held In Concentraton Camps

Homeland Security Arming Missouri Cops With Full MIlitary Gear

Texas Governor and Tea Party Darling Rick Perry Indicted On Felony Abuse Charges

Big Win For Tennessee Anti-Gay Hate

A Day Of Rage. World Protests Against Gaza Genocide

American Coporate "Plantation" Mentality Dealt Another Blow

Back In Iraq

Africa To Receive $33 Billion! African Women To Benefit

How Immigration Became Illegal

Tennessee Greens In Ballot Access Suit Against The State

Another Victim of Texas Executions Proven Innocent

The Well Runs Dry In Ohio. Massive water ban.

Noam Chomsky On The Nightmare In Gaza

Vote No On 1

New PBS Series On Co-ops

Women Just Won Big In Mississippi

A Call for Action to Reduce Gun Deaths Among Victims of Domestic Violence

North Carolina Mayor Journeys 273 Miles for Medicaid Expansion

First World Day Against Human Trafficking Encourages International Action

Legislation Introduced to Establish Fair Work Scheduling Practices

Congress Introduces Legislation to Protect Students from Sexual Assault

New York Times Editorial Board Backs Legalizing Pot

Meet Anita Rios, Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate In Ohio

Thanks, Tea Party! Tennessee #3 In Corruption Study

Governor Haslam Wins Again!! Tennessee #1 In Minimum Wage Workers

Tennessee Wins Another Misery Contest! Memphis Third In Personal Debt

Feminists Keep ERA Alive & Well

Feminist Party Forming. Agenda Counters Tea Party Hate.

Vote Isa As Knoxville's Best Politician

US Greens Call For Cease Fire

California Death Penalty Unconstitutional

Sorry, Tea Party. Pregnancy Discrimination Still Illegal

Green Party Supports Statehood For DC. Marijuana Legalization Key Issue.

NORML's Website - Marijuana Reform

No Person Is Illegal

Persecuting & Prosecuting Pregnant Women In Tennessee

Tennessee is Ayn Rand dream state

New Executive Order Protects Transgender Government Employees

100 Businesses Opposing Women's Reproductive Rights

Ginsberg's Dissent Against Corporate Hate

Greens gain ground in social justice and sustainability

Governor Haslam makes "shocking" budget cut

Greens and other third parties win historic lawsuit in Tennessee

Governor Haslam's "Big Oil" employees plead guilty to federal charges

Rich kids win! Your kids lose. Governor Haslam eliminates inheritance tax to save himself $$millions$$!

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