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Isa Infante

for Governor of Tennessee

common good

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- Knoxville Area -

Meeting To Discuss Forming A Knoxville-Area Democratic Socialists Of America Organizing Committee

Monday, March 2, 2015, 5:30 - 7PM
Bearden Branch Library, Meeting Room
100 Golfclub Road, Knoxville, TN 37919

Suggested Topics:

* Locally Circulating DSA's "Run Bernie Run" Petitions to convince US Senator Bernie Sanders to run for President.

* Attending the May 2-3 DSA REgional Cluster Of National Strategy Converence in Atlanta.

* Setting up a Knoxville-Area DSA Facebook page.

* Content, format, and location of future meetings.

For more information, contact Travis Donoho at (512) 922-7805 or .

Events From The Nashville Peace & Justice Center

(For more information on these and more events from the Nashville Peace & Justice Center click here.)

Events From The Nashville Peace & Justice Center

(For more information on these and more events from the Nashville Peace & Justice Center click here.)

28 Feb Sat 2-4pm. Socialism Discussion Group. Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant, 5511 Charlotte Pike. You don't have to buy anything, but some of us will. Suggested readings before the meeting:

* Labor: We will be discussing the push by major corporations (Wal-Mart and Gap Inc.) to increase their personal minimum wages, and what these types of initiatives mean to socialism. Look at "Wal-Mart Gives a Raise."

* Gender: The second half of the meetup will focus on the issue of identity politics, and their role in a socialist movement. Look at "The Politics of Identity."

28 Feb Sat 2:30-4:30pm. Feminist Collective Organizing Meeting. Pruitt branch library, 117 Charles E Davis Boulevard.

28 Feb Sat 6pm. TAP party and fundraiser. $10 admission. Douglas Corner, 2106 8th Avenue S. This is a release party for "Displacement Blues" with Shelby Bottom String Band and Darrin Bradbury. Funds will go to TAP's Affordable Housing Neighborhood Project. Video funded by a Metro Arts Commission THRIVE Grant. Please RSVP at Put "VIDEO" in subject line.

28 Feb Sat 7pm. To Light a Candle film screening in Massey Concert Hall, Belmont University. (I'm not sure which building that's in; I'll try to find out before the next eblast; perhaps some reader can tell me.) This documentary film details how people of the Baha'i faith have suffered decades of repression, persecution and intimidation in Iran. The film was made by Canadian-Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari, whose torture by the Iranian government is the subject of another documentary film, "Rosewater," made by Jon Stewart. You can read more about this film at this link. I believe this film is in Farsi with English subtitles, and I believe admission to the screening is free, but I'm not certain on either of those points.

Peace and Freedom Party Chair Endorses Isa !!

...This is a personal endorsement for Isa’s candidacy for governor. I am the State Chair of the Peace and Freedom Party of California.


I hope to hear from you when you visit California. Best wishes on the campaign!

In solidarity,
Debra Reiger
State Chair, Peace and Freedom Party of California

New Endorsement From El Nuevo Dia

Isa received a supporting plug in this recent edition of El Nuevo Dia.

Major Endorsement Announced

The Clarksville-Montgomery County League of Voter Empowerment (L.O.V.E.) has ednorsed Isa Infante for Governor of Tennessee:

"We believe the following group of candidates hold true to our mission statement of 'having the best interest of their constituents in mind' and will best represent the people of our nation; state, city and county in the true democratic manner on which this country was built."

Obama Vetos Keystone !!

Activism in action! This veto shows the power of protest. Fracking Friendly Obama may be coming to his senses.

Isa Infante

Click here to hear a message from Isa!

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Only by working together for common goals may we change the World. Only by sharing our dreams for the next seven generations may we build the world that we dream of. Remember each of has only a part of the dream so talk to others about your dream and incorporate the portions of the dreams they have into your's.

Big Tree 9/14/14

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